Microsoft confirms new Friends and Family package for Game Pass for €22 per month

After the rumor, Microsoft confirmed that Game Pass Friends & Family is already in beta testing in Ireland and Colombia, offering the same benefits as the Game Pass Ultimate package and a monthly fee of 21.99 euros per month. This package costs twice the price charged for the service for a user (13 euros), but if the five beneficiaries contribute to the payment, they end up paying 4.40 euros each and accessing a vast catalog of games on PC, consoles, and cloud.

The big news, compared to a family offer, is that other users outside the household can join the group. The only usage limitation is that all members must be in the same country.

Each user uses their own account and profile to record their game progress, track their own achievements, and get personalized recommendations. That is, you do not have to use someone else’s account with the service activities to benefit from its features; you only need to have your account in the service’s aggregate.

Another interesting detail, different from similar possibilities with Steam, is that users can access the same game at the same time and even play multiplayer matches together. And the EA Play plan is still included in this package, as well as all other attributes associated with the service.

The fact that the account is shared does not prevent parents from maintaining parental settings in order to control their children’s activities, be it the time they play, restrict access to content or friend requests. Those settings are also shared with members who share this special subscription plan.

Microsoft says that after testing in the first two countries, the new Game Pass Friends and Family plan will arrive in other countries in the coming months. For the latest Microsft news and updates, follow this link.

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