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Your company can significantly benefit from hiring a dedicated team of developers. Choosing developers for a particular project gives a list of advantages we will discuss below. Let’s keep in mind that to hire development teams takes a lot of effort and attention. 

It’s probably important to emphasize that you can include any necessary professionals in your project and practically design it according to their needs. Usually, the dedicated team consists of:

  • Project Manager, Scrum Masters
  • UX/UI Designer
  • QA
  • Front and Back-end Developers
  • Business Analysts or Data Scientists
  • DevOps

Moravio is looking into making the best out of a partnership and following an agile working style. That means the team is adjusting to the terms, workflow, and roles of a hired company. The so-called “close fit” can be verified during the hiring process or established at the start of the work. It also helps to get everything done with maximum effectiveness. 

Main benefits Hire Development Teams

The team of dedicated developers doesn’t have any significant differences from any in-house team. The initial advantage is the experience of picking up on various projects and getting to work fast. 

Cost-efficiently. A hired team will work a limited amount of time, which is cheaper in the long perspective than keeping a team in-house with regular staff. You can increase or decrease the number of team members, add new professionals, or replace any. 

Budget Planning. You are getting to hire a team not only according to your requirements but also within the limits of your budget. It allows for precise control of spending and eliminates surprises during development. 

No recruitment is required. Building your own team is a long process. Every professional should be picked one by one and successfully finish every round of the interview. Sometimes, getting the whole team might take up to a year or even more, depending on the requirements and experience. Hiring a dedicated team requires you to check whether they have experience with similar projects, and if they do, then you have a fully capable and packed team in your hands. There is no need to contact HR and look for a separate member. 

Time efficient. The dedicated team usually gets hired at a time when there is a real need for it. As soon as you have a detailed plan of what your project should look like, its functions, and other points that you can present to the development. 

Outsource-oriented. Dedicated teams are more focused and used to working under pressure and in tight time frames. The main priority is not oriented to support the project long-term but to pick up from the start and deliver the project with the best results according to the plan. 

Highly experienced. Dedicated developers are usually the most experienced because of their specific work. These professionals are used to taking on different tasks from various industries, adjusting, and moving forward. Without quality, there would be no clients. 

The list of main benefits is quite impressive, but there are also certain challenges that need to be addressed. Anyone hiring dedicated developers also needs to take into consideration that this team will also require attention and control. Let’s take a closer look at what you might need to deal with. Hire Development Teams


The first point is a difference in corporate values. It’s necessary to understand that they may differ between your teams or the vision they follow in the company. The approaches may cause some friction, but the best solution is to discuss the differences, avoid conflict, and ask a professional such as HR or a PM to help navigate the communication.

Of course, some dedicated teams are working in the big cities and can move into your office by request. But mostly, especially after the pandemic, such teams are remote. This also brings the usual challenges of introducing a remote team into the project. Communication, onboarding, and motivation can help ease the situation. Usually, if the team has been working for a decade or longer, you will have fewer problems with it. There might be another case. If the team comes from another part of the world, there can be cultural differences. You either should be prepared for it or be proactive to make it work if the need arises. Sometimes, it might have a negative impact on the working atmosphere, which should be dealt with in the early stages. 

And the last point is that security matters. Not everything can be protected by the NDA or software protected from any further breach or control. Also, sensitive information or processes shouldn’t be outsourced to a freshly hired team you are not so familiar with. It’s possible after spending a certain period of time working together and establishing more trust.  

It’s not difficult to find a team, but you need to get prepared with tech needs, plans, and budgets.


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