France has cheapest mobile services between 5 largest European countries

France and Italy mobile users pay by far the least for a SIM-only voice and data plan with a 50 GB allowance

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French telecom federation FF Telecoms (Federation Francaise des Telecoms) has published a new edition of its annual report on the key economic indicators for the industry, combining research from Arthur D. Little and Idate DigiWorld. The report includes a tariff benchmark, carried out in November, comparing France to five other western markets (US, UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain).
Telecommunications operators are key players in the national economy: the sector is, by far, the largest private investor in infrastructure in France, and 2017 has been a year record with nearly 10 billion investment.
Telecom tariffs in France remain the lowest among the major Western countries
 Leading operators benchmark
Looking at the mobile benchmark, consumers in France and Italy pay by far the least for a SIM-only voice and data plan with a 50 GB allowance. While the benchmark of triple-play bundles shows only marginal change since November 2017, the comparison of mobile services highlights that Italian consumers have experienced a drastic price cut, reflecting the entry of Iliad in the market.
Last year’s study looked at plans with at least 5 GB of data, compared to 50 GB this year. France and Italy have by far the cheapest retail prices with monthly subscriptions of EUR 9 and EUR 10 respectively, down from EUR 10 and EUR 23 in the 2017 benchmark.
Note: 1) Triple play offers only; unlimited telephony at least to landline; Unlimited broadband Internet via xDSL or fiber; TV included, excluding additional packs;
operators whose market share> 10%,
2) Unlimited calls (when available otherwise> 500 minutes); Unlimited SMS / MMS; Internet at least 50 GB; offers without terminal, offers without commitment when available; operators whose market share> 10% Benchmark of offers from leading operators Country Selection, November 2018, € TTC / month



Evolution of telecom services expenditure for households

Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden & United Kingdom, 2012-2017

Consumption and budget:
– 16.6 euros: average amount of the mobile invoice   in 2016 in France; – France has the lowest prices of the major Western countries. Example of entry-level offers: 15 euros offer “Triple play” (internet, TV, telephone); 9 euros mobile offer (unlimited voice + data plan)


European telecoms are stagnating in a growing global market

                            (Telecom operators revenue evolution                                                                                (Revenue evolution by type of acters
                            by region 2008 – 2017 – billions of euros)                                                                                      from digital ecosystem)



In France, capital expenditure on telecom networks (investment per capita) was higher than the average of the five largest EU countries combined (EUR 142 and EUR 118 per inhabitant respectively). The US market, however, led by a wide margin (EUR 226), followed by Japan (EUR 163).



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