DIGI Spain is now offering a free eSIM to all customers

eSIM is the next generation of SIM cards, and it’s packed with advantages. It’s more convenient, more sustainable, and more flexible than a physical SIM. Plus, it’s super easy to switch to eSIM – just a few taps in My DIGI and you’re good to go.

DIGI is continuing its focus on innovation to offer more advantages to its customers. Therefore, from today on, you can change your physical SIM for an eSIM completely free of charge if you need it.

The eSIM or virtual SIM, is an evolution of the physical SIM that you currently have in your mobile. It is a SIM that is integrated into your mobile phone and that works exactly the same as a physical card. In addition, it is a simpler and more ecological option because:

  • It is more comfortable, so you do not have to physically manipulate it, for example, if you change your mobile phone. You also don’t need to worry about the SIM card size (mini, micro, or nano) because you will only have to install the eSIM on your mobile.
  • You can use more than one line on the same device if your mobile phone is compatible, combining more than one eSIM or a physical SIM and an eSIM at the same time.
  • It is possible to use more compact and lighter devices that do not need a physical SIM, since the eSIM does not take up physical space on your mobile.
  • You will have it available immediately since you will not have to wait to receive it at your home. In addition, you avoid the use of plastic and the impact of transportation.

In addition, you can easily manage your eSIM from My DIGI, just like your physical SIM. For example, through our customer area, you can turn off the eSIM if you lose your mobile or check the PUK code.

If you are already a DIGI customer and want to enjoy the eSIM:

  • Check that your mobile phone is compatible with this service. You can check compatible mobile phones at this link.
  • Request the eSIM from My DIGI (in the “Services” section) by calling 1200 (free from the DIGI network) or 642 642 642 (from another operator).
  • Configure your device to activate the eSIM option, by following the steps in this Android guide or this iOS guide.
  • We will send you an email with a QR code and the details of your new virtual SIM, so you can activate it on your mobile.
  • Ready! You can now enjoy the advantages of going it alone with your eSIM as well.

And, if you are not yet a customer, purchase any of companies mobile products . Once you receive your physical SIM and activate it, you can request the eSIM for free.

Are you going to switch to the DIGI eSIM?


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