Italy has Europe’s cheapest mobile internet

The results of the new EU Commission study show that the mobile broadband prices were going down in 2018 in the EU countries

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The results show that mobile broadband was significantly cheaper in 2018 than in 2017 in all OECD usage baskets (various offers which under OECD are structured in specific baskets).

However, the slight increase in the lowest basket is mostly due to the fact that some developed markets no longer focus on low data allowances; so offers with higher data allowances had to be taken for this comparison. cheapest mobile internet

cheapest mobile internet




  1. The inexpensive countries are: Italy, Poland, Austria, France, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and Finland.
  2. The relatively inexpensive countries are: Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany, and Spain.
  3. The relatively expensive countries are: Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Croatia, Malta, Portugal, Hungary, Greece, and Slovakia.
  4. The expensive countries are: the Czech Republic and Cyprus.
  5. No country is in the inexpensive or expensive cluster for all the OECD usage-baskets.
  6. Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Hungary, Portugal, Hungary, Greece, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Cyprus have no offer belonging to the inexpensive cluster.



The EU compared with selected non-EU countries

Comparison of EU28 prices with prices in selected non-EU countries in 2018 yielded the following picture:
On average, mobile broadband in the EU28 is about as or more expensive than in the non-EU countries for most of the OECD usage baskets. No offers adapted to the lowest OECD usage levels were found in South Korea and the  United States.


Who is best in class? cheapest mobile internet

The subsequent sections show graphs comparing the prices of least expensive offers in each country found for each OECD price / usage basket. An additional basket for pricing data volume usage of 5 GB was added to the OECD baskets to better reflect growing customer data requirements. cheapest mobile internet

Basket 10 GB data, 100 calls, 140 SMS

The chart for the usage basket with 10 GB data, 100 calls, and 140 SMS shows the EU average at 34.75 EUR/PPP16. The nine countries above the EU average are above 40 EUR/PPP. Of these nine more expensive countries, prices in Spain and Portugal remain below 45 EUR/PPP while prices in Bulgaria, Malta, the Czech Republic, and Hungary fall below 65 EUR/PPP. The two most expensive countries in this basket are Cyprus at 91.21 EUR/PPP followed by Slovakia at 90.55 EUR/PPP. On the other end of the spectrum, ten countries were found to have offers below 20 EUR/PPP available on the market, France and Italy even below 10 EUR/PPP – the cheapest internet in the EU28.


The bigger picture: the EU in the world

The following charts illustrate how the EU28 compare with South Korea, the United States, Turkey, Iceland, and Norway. In South Korea and the United States, no offers adapted to the lower usage OECD-baskets were on the market, which is why those two countries might seem overpriced.

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