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Business Travel, Roaming Expenses and how to avoid them

Corporate travel expense is a major spend category for the enterprise


The U.S. Travel Association recently estimated that U.S. businesses spent more than $307 billion on business travel in 2016. Last year, more than 514 million business trips were taken with a total economic impact of $424 billion.


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It’s a necessary, and often beneficial expense, however, with the U.S. Travel Association also calculating that for every dollar a company spent on travel, that business saw a $9.50 increase in revenue and $2.90 in new profits.

Last September, corporate travel technology firm Amadeus published new research of business travel expenses, finding that 80 percent of survey respondents said they don’t have access to enough T&E (travel&expense) spend data to make more strategic decisions on the matter.

Study showed that the average U.S. business traveler spent $15.10 per day in Wi-Fi and roaming fees.
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Whether you own your own small business or are in charge of the financials for a large company with 5000 employees, corporate travel expenses are likely a cause of significant stress. For companies with employees traveling internationally, the ability to stay connected with mobile devices today is imperative.

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