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Average U.S. business traveler spent $15.10 per day in Wi-Fi and roaming fees


U.S. travelers spend billions—yes, billions—of dollars annually to stay connected while traveling abroad.

Last year alone, companies paid $7.3 billion to keep their employees connected with Wi-Fi and roaming data, according to research from Amba Hotels.

That study showed that the average U.S. business traveler spent $15.10 per day in Wi-Fi and roaming fees. By 2018, international data roaming fees for all consumers are set to generate $42 billion in revenue for wireless providers, according to Juniper Research, a telecom consultancy.

In other words, we’re all spending way too much on cell service.

Whether you’re traveling on business or simply want to share your vacation in real time on social media, this definitive guide to saving money on international roaming will keep you from spending a fortune.

Alert specializes in ensuring significant savings on international roaming costs and can tailor specific solutions for our corporate partners.

  • If you are part of large company and always “on the road” we can offer you seamless solution for all your needs: device which work in over 90 countries; you don’t have to change your SIM card…just turn it on and use it. At the same time 5 of your colleagues can use same 4G signal and UNLIMITED data!  Today in USA, tomorrow in United Arab Emirates, next week in China..? We got it all.
  • For occasional business travelers/travelers get this:



Stop hunting for WiFi Hot Spots


Up to 10 devices (smartphones, tablets, PC’s) can connect at the same time making this ideal for one person or group of colleagues.

The Mobile WiFi Hotspot  Rental is very easy to use and eliminates the need to get roaming and data plans with your carrier which are often not available for many devices (like your iPad) and are expensive and offer very little data and/or offer slow data.




Would you like to save up to 70% of roaming data costs when you travel abroad from NOW?








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