BMW announces BMW Digital Key Plus

BMW Digital Key Plus offers customers a convenient and secure keyless access system

As one of the pioneers in the use of a smartphone as a digital vehicle key since 2018, BMW is pressing ahead with the development and popularization of its BMW Digital Key feature, which is available to iPhone users today.

In line with this goal, the premium car manufacturer will introduce the BMW Digital Key Plus, a convenient and secure way to unlock and start your car without taking your iPhone out of your bag or pocket. This latest incarnation of the service is based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, the technology found on the U1 chip of the iPhone. The BMW Digital Key Plus feature will be first launched with the all-electric BMW iX for iPhone.


Ultra-Wideband technology for enhanced convenience and security BMW Digital Key

The new, additional features enabled by the BMW Digital Key Plus are based on ultra-wideband technology. This is a short-range, high-bandwidth digital radio technology that is characterized by exceptionally precise localization with the greatest possible security. UWB’s precision also ensures that relay attacks, where the radio signal is jammed or intercepted, are not possible. Apple and BMW have been working closely with the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) to establish the Digital Key specification 3.0 for UWB, providing a global standard for the automotive industry.

Does my BMW have a digital key?
Unfortunately for Android owners, as of now, the Digital Key functionality is no longer supported by smartphones. However, along with the new software came the option of adding the digital key to iOS mobile devices.


How to control your car with your iPhone’s digital key
  1. Hold the iPhone near the car’s door handle. The NFC reader embedded in the handle will sync with your phone and unlock the door; you should see the Wallet app open and display your car’s digital key.
  2. Place your iPhone at the key reader location in the car.

BMW Group is once again the largest US automotive exporter

For the seventh consecutive year, the BMW Group led the US in automotive exports. Plant Spartanburg in South Carolina exported 218,820 vehicles with an export value of more than 8.9 billion US dollars in 2020. The BMW Group produced a total of 361,365 vehicles at the plant. About 218,000 of these units were manufactured in the second half of the year, setting a new plant record.

“Claiming the top spot once again for US automotive exports is a direct result of the commitment and dedication of the Plant Spartanburg team during the challenging 2020 production year,” said Milan Nedeljković, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Production. “Despite the difficult conditions created by the coronavirus pandemic, the plant was able to set a new production record in the second half of the year. This not only demonstrates the strong appeal of our products but also the exceptional flexibility and outstanding performance capabilities of our production network.”


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