Majority of Brits are unaware of new UK travel rules from 1 January

The vast majority of UK consumers are unaware of changes that will affect travel to the EU and the Republic of Ireland from the end of this year, according to research by Discovery Ferries. More about UK  travel rules from 1 January below.


It found that almost all of the 2,000 people who took part in its survey earlier this month failed to identify all of the changes that will apply to travel to the EU from 1 January.

And only 3% were aware of all the changes that will apply when travelling to the Republic of Ireland.

Over half (54%) weren’t aware that they’ll need at least six months validity on their passports to travel to the EU from 2021, 70% didn’t realise they’ll need a Green Card from their insurance company to drive their own car in the EU and 62% weren’t aware they might need an International Driving Permit.

When it came to trips to the Republic of Ireland, 80% didn’t know they’ll need a Green Card to take their own car and 43% didn’t realise that they’ll still be able to visit without a passport.

More than a quarter thought they’d need a visa to travel to the EU, which is unnecessary for trips of less than 90 days. A third thought they’d need to update their EHIC, but the free European Health Insurance scheme will end for UK citizens on 31 December.

The ferry industry has launched an EU travel checklist to ensure Brits are aware of the new rules from 1 January.

Abby Penlington, Director of Discover Ferries said: “Amidst UK lockdowns and the festive period, updating travel documents may not be at the forefront of the public’s mind. But spending a little time planning now, will mean people are ready to rearrange postponed holidays and book visits to see loved ones as soon as they are able to.” uk travel rules from 1 January

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