The World’s Top Business Travel Destinations

Globalization and advances in technology have enabled businesses to work together from all corners of the globe.  Business travel has become a huge sector in recent times and there are a few destinations around the world that are constantly welcoming business travelers.

Between January 1, 2014 and December 1, 2018, total business travel flight bookings increased globally by nearly 110 percent. During the same period, flight bookings for New York increased by more than 120 percent, for London by nearly 80 percent and for Paris by nearly 120 percent. Meanwhile, Singapore saw the largest increase in flight bookings globally — air travel to and from the destination increased by nearly 160 percent over roughly five years.

New York continues to outpace London as the most popular business travel destination globally, as it tops the list for the fourth consecutive year. London last held the top ranking in 2014 before being overtaken by the Big Apple the following year. New York’s dominance is likely to continue as Egencia flight data shows that business trip flight bookings to New York were nearly 10 percent higher than bookings to London in 2018.

Europe represents two of the top three business destinations, with Paris coming in third globally as the city continues to establish itself as a popular regional business hub. From 2016-2018, Egencia data shows that air travel to the French capital experienced 20 percent growth. London (second) and Paris (third) were the only two European cities to place in the top 20 global business destinations for 2018.

These are top business travel destinations:

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a global leader in terms of business and it is a popular destination for companies because of the free flow of information and the free market policies. There are many industries that are surging here, including financial services, trading, professional services and tourism.


England’s capital is one of the most glamorous cities in the world and popular with both tourists and professionals. It is deemed the financial capital of Europe with many enormous investment banks, multinational firms and global figures calling London home. Key industries in London include media, creative services, financial services, tourism and technology.

New York

New York is perhaps the most iconic city in the entire world and home to many of the biggest companies on the planet. The Big Apple also has a startup scene which is growing which makes it an appealing destination for all types of business travelers. Key industries here include financial services, media, technology and communications.


Toronto is quickly becoming a major global business city particularly in the financial sector. It is the most populous city in Canada and one which is thriving in terms of both business and tourism. It is famous for financial services, technology and commercial aircraft manufacturing.

San Fransisco

San Francisco is known for its progressive and forward-thinking attitude in terms of both business and society. Technology, in particular, is thriving here with huge global players like Twitter and Google having key offices in San Francisco. It also has a lively startup scene and emerging industries that include healthcare, hospitality and shopping.

Mexico City

The biggest corporate destination in South America, Mexico City has great sociability and is attracting entrepreneurs from around the world because it is an excellent place to do business and a city that is on the rise. It has been named one of the best startup hubs in the world with pharmaceuticals, technology, manufacturing and financial services all experiencing growth here.


Dublin is hip, chic, historical and everything in between. The Irish capital entertains some of Europe’s top travel, tech and social media conferences — and when you’re not ducking in and out of trade shows and meetings, Dublin has a whole lot to offer visitors. From the city’s charming Georgian streets to its quirky cafes and rowdy pubs, it’s impossible not to have a great time here.


Singapore is Southeast Asia’s economic powerhouse. The city-state harbors the best business growth environment on the planet, and is a major financial capital. It’s also home to a wide array of cutting edge industries, flagship conferences and a cornucopia of contemporary, architectural wonders.


Brussels is the epicenter of Europe. Not only does the Belgian city host the European Union parliament and some of the continent’s finest art collections, but it also boasts a diverse music scene. Owing to its political clout, Brussels also serves as a European base for some of the globe’s top multinationals — making it one of the easiest cities on the planet in which to mix business and pleasure.


For thousands of years, Istanbul has served as the undisputed gateway connecting the east and west. Today, it is still one of the most well established meeting points for geographically isolated corporate partners — making it one of the globe’s top travel destinations for business. In between meetings, you can wander through the city’s Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman ruins, before hitting some of Istanbul’s dynamic and forward-thinking restaurants.

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