Telekom Slovenije’s Patented Solution Brings Tourist Insurance Billed By The Actual Number Of Days Spent Abroad

Telekom Slovenije has lodged a patent with the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office for the technical solution that makes it possible for the Zavarovalnica Sava insurance company to offer the only tourist insurance in Slovenia that is billed according to the “pay-as-you-roam” principle.

The Brezskrbni (Carefree) tourist insurance is available to subscribers of Telekom Slovenije’s mobile services, who can quickly and easily activate the insurance remotely, and the insurance premium is billed automatically, and only for the time when the user’s mobile number is roaming in the networks of foreign operators.

Activate your tourist insurance remotely with Telekom Slovenije’s master mobile number

​Subscribers can conclude the Brezskrbni tourist insurance by assigning a master mobile number in Moj Telekom, on which they activate tourist insurance for themselves, and for their family members, if they want to. The insurance premium may include up to seven people, namely two adults and five children up to 15 years of age. Insured persons are automatically informed of their coverage by SMS, which they receive immediately when their mobile phone connects to a foreign operator’s network; upon returning to their home network they are again informed by SMS that their insurance coverage no longer applies.

The Brezskrbni tourist insurance includes costs of clinical or hospital treatment, ambulance drive to the healthcare institution and transportation back home after the treatment is concluded, in the amount of EUR 30,000 per individual insurance case, and up to EUR 200,000 in a single insurance year. Insured persons can contact the assistance call centre of Zavarovalnica Sava insurance group, which is available 24/7 at +386 2 618 0520, and they can also make the call through Zavarovalnica Sava’s website.


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