Summer dip on KPN network while roaming traffic peaks

In the summer months, there is a clear decrease in calls made on the KPN mobile network. In July and August, KPN records up to 30% less call traffic. In the same period, data traffic remains virtually the same, while mobile roaming traffic (voice and data) from holiday destinations peaks. KPN network roaming traffic

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This is because people use their mobile phones less for calls in the summer months, but more for data-intensive activities such as browsing the internet, sharing photos and videos with friends and family, streaming videos, and following the news. It is also clear that the performance of Dutch athletes is followed closely by holiday destinations. For example, the Dutch women’s national football team caused a peak in international roaming traffic overnight (August 5-6, 2023), and Dutch tourists followed the final kilometers of cyclist Mathieu van der Poel, who was on his way to becoming world champion, in large numbers on Sunday afternoon. This caused peaks in data traffic.

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In the summer, more people are on vacation and therefore make fewer phone calls. This is clearly reflected in the KPN mobile network, where call traffic has been steadily declining since the beginning of the summer. Additionally, it is noticeable that much fewer calls are made on weekends than on weekdays, as most calls are work-related. Since the first Dutch region went on vacation (August 8), there has been a decline in phone traffic. At the moment, about 30% fewer phone calls are being made. As in other years, this will return to normal levels after the summer vacation. The fact that data traffic remains more or less the same can be partly explained by the fact that foreign tourists in the Netherlands use the KPN network.

French Riviera, German Alps, and Spanish Beaches Top Destinations for Dutch Tourists

International roaming traffic is peaking again this summer, just like every summer. France is again the most popular destination this year, followed by Germany, Spain, Italy, and Belgium, which make up the top 5. From 6th to 10th place we find Austria, the United Kingdom, Greece, Poland, and Switzerland. Black Saturdays are clearly visible with record peaks in data traffic from Belgium, Germany, and France. It is also noticeable that during the F1 race in Austria, which many Dutch people attend, data traffic from the Alpine country more than doubled. In addition, the increasing popularity of Scandinavian countries is also reflected in data traffic. Norway (11) is the most popular Scandinavian country, followed by Sweden (12) and Denmark (13). Portugal is in 14th place as a holiday destination.

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Dutch tourists have been roaming around the world for seven summers in a row. They quickly connect to the internet, share photos and videos with their loved ones or on social media, stream videos, or follow the news. It is clear that the performances of Dutch athletes are also closely followed from vacation destinations. For example, the Orange Lionesses caused a peak in international roaming traffic overnight (August 5/6, 2023), and Dutch tourists followed the final kilometers of cyclist Mathieu van der Poel who was on his way to becoming world champion in large numbers on Sunday afternoon. This causes peaks in data traffic.

KPN Goes the Extra Mile to Keep Festivalgoers Connected KPN network roaming traffic

While the mobile network is traditionally a bit quieter in the summer months, the festival season actually causes clear local peaks. KPN provides tailor-made solutions for around 100 festivals and events by temporarily offering extra capacity and coverage. From Awakenings and the Bruce Springsteen concert to Dancevalley, Mysteryland, Pinkpop, Lowlands, and the Zwarte Cross. KPN places temporary additional cell towers at the many festivals and events where a lot of people gather so that the mobile network continues to function properly. The highest priority is accessibility. Calling must always be possible during busy events. We also strive to ensure that services such as WhatsApp work well. Visitors must be able to send each other messages, for example, to indicate where they are at that moment.

In a few weeks, the Grand Prix of Zandvoort is on the agenda, and KPN will also provide tailor-made solutions there. Five temporary cell towers will be set up around the circuit to ensure that the estimated 320,000 visitors can continue to call and use the internet from the stands. And that takes a lot of effort.

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