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Lyon ‘s underground metro trains got LTE

Public transport organization SYTRAL announced that LTE connectivity is now available on Lyon‘s four underground metro lines. Lyon metro stations were upgraded to LTE in September and since then the service has been extended to all tunnels. lyon metro

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Unveiled at the end of 2017, the project has been entirely funded by private investment, with Orange coordinating the deployment in partnership with Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Free Mobile. In the coming months, except to the Lyon metro, the four operators will also bring LTE to the city’s funicular railway system.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lyon has 2,000 years of history imprinted on its streets (yes, the cobblestone kind). Explore this history in Vieux Lyon (one of Europe’s most extensive Renaissance neighborhoods) and Lyon’s two Roman amphitheaters, which still stage rock concerts today.

Commercial, industrial and banking powerhouse for the past 500 years, Lyon is France’s third-largest city, and offers today’s urban explorers a wealth of enticing experiences.

It’s no wonder Lyon is a popular area for travelers, with its dynamic university, first-class shopping, antique markets, vibrant theatre and music festivals, and a range of interesting museums, such as the International Puppet Museum and the Museum of Miniatures and Film Sets. lyon metro

The TCL network:

4 subway lines, 5 tramway lines, 100+ bus and trolleybus lines, 2 funicular lines

The TCL network operates within 73 towns: lyon metro



59 towns in the Lyon urban area

8 towns of the « Communauté de Communes de l’Est Lyonnais » since the 1st of September 2015: Jons, Pusignan, Genas, St Bonnet-de-Mure, St Laurent-de-Mure, Colombier Saugnieu, St Pierre de Chandieu, Toussieu

6 towns that have joined: Sainte Consorce, Grézieu-la-Varenne, Brindas, Chaponost, Messimy and Thurins

…or 1.3 million inhabitants spread out over 746 km²!



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