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Latam Airlines Brasil offers Wi-Fi on all Rio-Sao Paulo flights

The country's largest airline is offering the service for its domestic flights

Latam Airlines Brasil has completed the installation of Wi-Fi systems on all 22 Airbus A320 aircraft linking Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, enabling full internet connections on the busiest route in the country.


The system is part of the Latam Play platform, which brings together Wi-Fi services in a single channel, with more than 60 films, more than 300 episodes of TV series, daily BBC news, interactive maps and content for children.

The service will cost 7,50 reais ($1,86) per hour, with options available for messaging and e-mail use as well as web browsing and streaming services.


“[Offering in-flight Wi-Fi] is part of the transformation of our experience on board and aims to give an option to the passenger who wants to be connected at all times,” said Jerome Cadier, chief executive at Latam Airlines Brazil.

Other airlines in Brazil have already been offering on-flight Wi-Fi in the last couple of years.

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