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LA Metro Tap Cards Now on Android Phones

Riders on Metro and 25 other transit systems in Los Angeles County can now add TAP cards to their Android smartphones, in addition to their iPhones. Read on for more information on the new Los Angeles Metro payment options. LA metro payment

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The TAP app is a great contactless way to pay for essential rides during the pandemic. 

Metro is excited to bring you innovations that help keep our transit system as safe as possible and make riding as easy as possible. Using your phone as a TAP card means you no longer have to dig a TAP card out of your pocket, purse, or knapsack.

Putting your TAP card on your phone also means not having to go to a rail station to purchase a TAP card or load fares from a TAP vending machine or a vendor. The TAP app also allows customers to manage their TAP accounts, plan trips, and view real-time bus and train arrivals with an in-app trip planner.

Download the TAP app to get started at the Google Play store for Android phones or Apple Store for iPhones, or Apple Watch.

The details:

• Adding a new TAP card to your phone is free! 

  • In the TAP app, sign in or create a TAP account.
  • In the Cards section, press the Add Card icon at the top left. 
  • Press “Add a TAP Card on Your Phone.”
  • Follow the prompts to add a “virtual” TAP card to your phone to use to tap and pay.
  • Once your “virtual” TAP card is added, it will be displayed in the Cards section.

Reduced Fare and LIFE customers can also add their existing TAP cards to use their phone to tap and pay.

• As long as your phone is powered on, you don’t need to unlock or wake your device. Just hold it near a TAP dial, and your fare will be deducted. 

• No more guessing or trying to remember the stored value balance on your TAP card. You can just look in the TAP app and see it live. And, if you need to add more money, you can do it right there on your phone. Your fare will be available immediately. LA metro payment


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