where tourists spend the most per day

Dubai ranks 1st place where tourists spend the most per day

Ever wondering where tourists spend the most per day? The study, which was carried out during 2018, revealed that tourists spent a total of $30.82 billion (Dh113.21 billion) last year with 15.93 million visitors flocking to Dubai, placing the city in the fourth spot for the top 20 city destinations in the world.

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The report also indicated that tourists stayed an average of 3.5 nights in Dubai, and spent around $553 (Dh2,031) per day.


Top Cities by Dollars Spent in 2018
2018 International Overnight Visitor Spend (USD) Forecast for 2019 Average Spend by Day (USD)
Dubai $30.82 billion 4.18% $553
Makkah, Saudi Arabia $20.09 billion 7.94% $135
Bangkok $20.03 billion 8.67% $184
Singapore $16.56 billion 2.66% $272
London $16.47 billion 4.64% $148
New York $16.43 billion 2.93% $152
Paris $14.06 billion -0.78% $296
Tokyo $13.77 billion 12.74% $196
Palma de Mallorca, Spain $12.69 billion 3.17% $233
Phuket, Thailand $12.01 billion 9.16% $247


Bangkok was ranked as the most visited city for the fourth consecutive year while Paris and London were in second and third place respectively.


“While there has been significant movement in visitors to smaller cities, the top 10 has remained largely consistent. London, Paris, and Bangkok have been the top 3 since 2010, with Bangkok as No. 1 six of the past seven years. New York is another top 10 stalwart, with 13.6 million overnight visitors this year,” said Diana Munoz Robino, Senior Vice President of Global Tourism Partnerships, Mastercard.

The study also found that the city of Makkah was the second destination where tourist spend the most at $20.09 billion (Dh73.80 billion) in 2018, followed by Bangkok with $20.03 billion (Dh73.58 billion).


rise of Asia-Pacific International Travelers, cities in Asia-Pacific, have seen the largest increase in international travelers since 2009, growing 9.4 percent. In comparison, Europe, which saw the second highest growth, was up 5.5 percent. This is spurred on by the growth in mainland Chinese travelers. Since 2009, mainland China has jumped six places to be the No. 2 origin country for travelers to the 200 included destinations—behind only the US,” said Robino.

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