California to get text messaging tax?

State regulators in California have been discussing a tax on texts to help finance programs that make mobile service accessible to the poor, according to a Tuesday report in The Mercury News. Under the proposal, consumers would reportedly pay their wireless carrier a flat rate fee for texts, though it’s unclear how much the surcharge might be. California text messaging tax

The California Public Utilities Commission filed the proposal last month, detailing why the commission is considering charging for text messages. State regulators found that the Public Purpose Program budget has increased from $670 million in 2011 to $998 million in 2017, but that revenue from the telecom industry that funds the public program has fallen over $5 billion in the same time period.

Regulators who support the proposal said charging for text messages would help “preserve and advance” public programs.

The proposal is scheduled to be heard on Jan. 10, 2019 at the Voting Meeting, according to a CPUC spokesperson.

Here’s how Twitter users are reacting to the news about a possible California text message tax.

  • “California wants to tax text messages now, to fund free phones for illegals- uh, sorry – “low income” users…”
  • “Please let this pass. 5-year retroactive tax on text messaging in California. So perfect… pass it!”
  • “Of all of the insane ideas that come out of California, this one may take the cake.”
  • “Well, looks like WhatsApp or Telegram is about to become MIGHTY popular in the USA! Ain’t nobody paying tax on texts!”
  • “A text messaging tax. This is a REAL THING being considered in California. Sometimes I can’t wait until this state falls off into the ocean.”California text messaging tax



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