10 Must-Visit Museums in Italy | The Ultimate Guide

A trip to Italy might just be the ultimate holiday you were looking for. With cities as rich in culture, art, and history as the ones here, there is no way you will be disappointed. However, if you are trying to plan the ultimate holiday full of intellectual experiences, you might need help knowing which galleries and museums to visit. 10 Must-Visit Museums in Italy

So, let’s look through our guide of the top 10 museums you should definitely explore here! 


1. Vatican Museums 10 Must-Visit Museums in Italy

One of the most stunning and significant sites in Italy, the Vatican Museums are a union of public museums in the Vatican City, displaying all kinds of important artifacts of the Catholic church, Romanesque art, and Renaissance masterpieces.

There are 24 rooms and galleries, not to mention the famous Sistine Chapel, which also serves as a museum. You can see over 20.000 works shown to the public, while the others remain hidden from the public eye. It was founded by Pope Julius II in the 16th century and since then has been one of the top most-visited sites in Italy.

Vatican Museums


2. Uffizi Gallery

To get to yet another magnificent art gallery, we suggest taking the Rome to Florence train and reaching the city in a quick and comfortable way! 

Uffizi Gallery in Florence contains some of the most significant works of the Renaissance period and overall houses art from the 13th to 18th centuries. The artists featured in the gallery include Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffael, and many more.  

See the elegance of the Uffizi and leave way more knowledgeable than when you came in! 

Uffizi Gallery


3. Galleria Borghese

Another gem set in Rome, Galleria Borghese, is an art gallery of paintings, sculptures, and antiquities dating back to the 17th century. The art museum was constructed by architect Flaminio Ponzio, who worked with Scipione Borghese himself and made it into what it is today. 

The gallery features some of the greatest Italian artists, including Bernini and Caravaggio. The latter even has a few impressive collections in his name, including Boy with a Basket of Fruit, St Jerome Writing, Sick Bacchus, and more. There are also multiple paintings by Titian, Raphael, Rubens, and Barocci. 

Galleria Borghese


4. Doge’s Palace

Hop on the Rome to Venice train after exploring Borghese, and get ready for one of the wealthiest, most extravagant palaces Italy has ever seen. 

Built in Venetian Gothic style, Doge’s Palace was once a residence for the Doge of Venice, the supreme authority of the former Republic. The great establishment was developed in the 14th century and now stands as one of Italy’s most significant cultural and historical landmarks. 

The building is extravagant, intricate, and architecturally complex from the outside. Still, the inside is why you should absolutely visit – see the Doge’s apartments, the courtyard, Institutional Changes, and many more stunning venues of the Renaissance period. 

Doge’s Palace


5. Pompei 10 Must-Visit Museums in Italy

You are probably well aware of this place and of its importance. But, if not, there is no time like the present to find out more! 

Pompei, a city in the municipality of Naples, is home to ancient Roman ruins and is considered one of Italy’s most important museums. It is primarily a vast archeological area you can visit and inspect and see what was left of the ancient city and its surroundings. Pompei was destroyed in 79 BC after an eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which, unfortunately, eradicated most of the city. 

Pompei, Mount Vesuvius


6. Roman Forum

Also known for its Latin name, Forum Romanum, the site is, without a doubt, the most important agora in Italy. It is a rectangular forum surrounded by the ruins of the most essential government constructions of ancient Rome. 

Initially, Roman Forum was a marketplace and the center of the loud and extravagant life of the Italians. It was the place for elections, public speeches, gladiator matches, and even criminal trials. Until the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the forum was the most important, vibrant part of the city. 

Nowadays, you can visit it as a museum to get a bit closer to the mindblowing history of ancient Italy! 

Roman Forum


7. Musei Capitolini

Rome seems to be housing most of the most significant museums in Italy, which, well, seems quite fitting. Yet another one, Musei Capitolini, can be called the most important one in the world since it opened in 1734, making it the first museum in the world.

Meaning that there was finally a place all of the public could easily enjoy the artwork! This includes an incredible collection of ancient Rome bronze and marble statues, elaborate frescoes, and other Renaissance and medieval art pieces. 


8. Villa Necchi Campiglio

Enrichened with a vast garden, a private swimming pool, and a tennis court, Villa Necchi Campiglio stands as one of the most exciting museums in Milan. 

The establishment was developed by the Campiglio family, an elegant and wealthy family of 1930s Italian society. The main idea of the villa is to show the public the accurate designs of a noble home, the detailing, and the particular interior. Undoubtedly, the mission was a success, as travelers from all over the world head to Milan to have a glimpse of the lavish life. 

Villa Necchi Campiglio


9. Museo Egizio de Turin

If you are interested in Egyptian archeology and anthropology, and, naturally, you probably are, head to Turin in the Piedmont area of Italy, and get ready to be blown away by the museum’s richness and historical depth. 

The collections include several various sarcophagi, mummies, papyrus, and more – all to allow you a better understanding of Paleolithic life. 



10. Piaggio Museum

For our last stop, let’s head to Pontedera, Tuscany, and see its most exciting, funniest museum. Learn everything you can about Vespa scooters and ricing bikes, its history, technical side, and general facts about Italian transport.   

Visit a vast collection of iconic Vespa scooters, verging everywhere, from the prototypes of the Second World War to the famous motorcycles featured in Hollywood films. Let’s hop on and scoot our way through Italian history. 

Vespa Scooter


Get ready for the most exciting Italian trip, during which you will learn the most important points of its history, development, and cultural side, and see the most incredible art pieces ever! Have the best time, and Arrivederci, traveler! 


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