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T-Mobile Austria introduces Sim-only prepaid tariffs Klax

In connection with the new legal obligation to register all new pre-paid Sim cards from January, T-Mobile Austria introduces a new Sim-only prepaid tariff series Klax, within which it offers a promotional bonus of up to 50 GB extra data provided upon top-up of at least EUR 10 a month.  t-mobile austria prepaid

The tariff is without a commitment period, activation costs and service fees.

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1,500 MIN/SMS & 15 GB for the first 4 weeks. Thereafter € 15 every 4 weeks for the Klax M tariff package.

The bonus applies to all existing KLAX customers and those who want to become a member automatically with a charge of at least 10 euros per month or if the tariff package is extended.


Online, in one Magenta store with a Magenta partner 

On-line or in one Magenta store to register

in the web or in the apartment to have everything under control

Flexible payment methods and recurring charging furnish


Can you use a SIM card without binding?

Previously, you had to sign a contract with a minimum contract period of 24 months. This means that you were bound to both the provider and the contract for two years. However, many of our customers often do not even know what they will actually need in the next two years or where they will live and live. That is why all Mobile KLAX tariffs are not binding. So that you can remain flexible.

Since 1 January 2019, the statutory identification obligation for prepaid customers in Austria applies. New customers have to register since the beginning of the year when buying and activating a prepaid card, existing customers can register until the end of August 2019.

The promotion will run until 31 March.


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