T-Mobile Austria introduces Sim-only pre-paid tariffs Klax

KLAX: no binding, no activation fee, no service fee

In connection with the new legal obligation to register all new pre-paid Sim cards from January, T-Mobile Austria introduces a new Sim-only pre-paid tariff series Klax, within which it offers a promotional bonus of up to 50 GB extra data provided upon top-up of at least EUR 10 a month. The tariff is without commitment period, activation costs and service fees.
 The bonus applies to all existing KLAX customers and those who want to become a member automatically with a charge of at least 10 euros per month or if the tariff package is extended. 


Since 1 January 2019, the statutory identification obligation for prepaid customers in Austria applies. New customers have to register since the beginning of the year when buying and activating a prepaid card, existing customers can register until the end of August 2019.

The promotion will run until 31 March.

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