Drei Austria: International Calls at Optimal Rates

The lowest option Optimal Sim M for EUR 14 a month includes unlimited minutes and SMS within Austria and the EU, 10 GB data applicable also in the EU with a speed of 30 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload, and a package of 60 minutes for international calls to the EU. drei austria international calls

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Free minutes from Austria to the EU are included.

The new Optimal tariffs are divided into five smartphone and three SIM-only tariffs with high data volume and strong EU focus. A fixed component of all eight new tariffs is free minutes for calls from Austria to the EU. Only the cheapest Optimal tariff includes one hour of telephony to the EU.

An integral part of all eight tariffs is also unlimited minutes and text messages throughout Austria and in all EU countries, as well as a higher data volume and more attractive roaming units than with the previous tariffs.
The monthly basic fee of the OptimaI Fares starts at 14 euros for Optimal SIM M with free activation and 19,90 euros for Optimal M in combination with cheap smartphones from 0 euros *.

Free Units for Switzerland. Turkey and USA. drei austria international calls

In addition to generous units for EU and EU communication in all Optimal rates, six of the eight new voice rates also include free minutes from Austria to Switzerland, Turkey and the United States as well as free minutes and data for communication in these three countries.
For the cost protection & Refill the three guardian angels is enshrined in all OptimaI tariffs free of charge.

More about the new optimal tariffs at www.drei.at/tarife . 

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