Swedish telecoms complaints drop 14% in 2017

Swedish postal and telecoms regulator PTS said that the number of telecoms service complaints that it received last year fell by 14 percent to 1,241 from 1,437 in 2016
The most common complaints are:
1. Complaints that the subscriber experiences is linked to phone numbers
Within this category, PTS has collected several types of problems experienced by subscribers. Some of the problems concern the subscriber’s phone number. This concerns, among other things, the problem with the transfer of telephone numbers between operators and that subscribers lose their phone number in various ways in connection with the removal of telephone numbers. However, under this category, problems that are not directly related to phone numbers, such as unwanted calls, are also collected.
2. Disconnection of the copper network
There is ongoing systematic decommissioning of the copper network which will eventually be phased out to switch to mobile solutions and fiber.
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3. Poor coverage
Consumers expect effective coverage for mobile phones in places where they are missing.
4. Roaming
The amendments to the EU acquis began to apply on June 15, 2017. Consumers have had questions and / or complaints related to the fact that, instead of charging a roaming fee as before, the operators raise the base price of the subscription or remove the possibility of roaming before then are purchased for their existing subscription for a fixed additional cost.
5. Interference and interruption
Most complaints concern interruptions on the landline or the fixed broadband connection. Many complaints are about long repair times when cables have broken.

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