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Tele2 and Gazprombank launch a new virtual telecom operator

The mobile operator Tele2 and Gazprombank announced the launch of the virtual mobile operator GPB Mobile. The MVNO project operates on the Tele2 network. The new operator began providing services on December 18. Gazprombank telecom operator

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At the first stage, GPB Mobile is available in Moscow and the Moscow region, and next year it will appear in other regions of Russia.

Gazprombank launched a telecom operator with its own network code. It is noted that the company will offer its subscribers its tariffs and range of services.

The SIM-card of the new operator can be bought at the offices of Gazprombank in Moscow and the region. In addition, for the safety of customers, courier delivery will operate – it will be possible to connect to the new operator without leaving home. In 2021, GPB Mobile’s mobile communications will become available to Gazprombank customers in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan and other regions.

Banking virtual operators became the growth driver of the entire MVNO market in 2020. For ten months, the subscriber base of MVNO banks on the Tele2 network grew 2.3 times compared to the same period last year and amounted to 2.5 million subscribers at the end of October. Tele2’s revenue from this segment increased 1.9 times. Such rates of development of MVNO projects became possible due to the fact that banks already have everything they need for a successful launch: a large client base, user confidence, the ability to integrate a telecom operator into a developed ecosystem of services. Thus, GPB Mobile subscribers will be able to benefit from the combination of financial and telecom services, as well as spend bonuses from the bank’s loyalty program to pay for communication services.

The virtual operator of Gazprombank operates on the MVNE-platform Tele2 (mobile virtual network enabler), which allows launching new projects quickly and with minimal costs. More than 20 MVNO projects are currently operating on the Tele2 network. Their total subscriber base is 4.5 million customers. Gazprombank telecom operator

Sergey Volkov, director of development for the segment of virtual operators and partnerships Tele2:

“Banking virtual operators are the fastest growing segment of the MVNO market. In 2020, the subscriber base of virtual bank operators grew significantly faster than the entire MVNO segment. This interest from the audience is due to the fact that a commercial bank combines all the components to launch a successful MVNO project. Firstly, the bank can include debit cards, mobile communications, privileges from partners and bonuses for using different products in one offer. Secondly, commercial banks already have a solid client base, it is profitable for their users to stay inside the ecosystem and at the same time save on various types of services. “

Alexey Popovich, First Vice President, Member of the Management Board of Gazprombank:

Gazprombank continues to work actively to develop the retail ecosystem, introducing products that we consider necessary to provide our customers with the best possible service. Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the virtual mobile operator GPB Mobile. I am sure that mobile communications, available in the Moscow region at very attractive rates, will not only be in demand by numerous existing clients of Gazprombank, but will also attract the attention of many new users. “

Nina Tsirulik, General Director of GPB Mobile: “Together with Tele2, we are launching a full-fledged MVNO operator with our own network code. GPB Mobile offers its subscribers a line of “Be Together” tariff plans, which will satisfy the needs of virtually all customers. But a distinctive feature of our offer is the ability of our customers to receive a unique discount on communication services up to 70%, just paying for purchases with their Gazprombank card. Gazprombank telecom operator

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