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Homelike surveyed 2000 European business travellers in order to get an in-depth understanding of who the average traveller is, what they like and dislike about business travel, how they interact with the places they travel to and how their travel is impacted by socio-political themes in their regions. Find out more about business travel Germany.

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German business travel market and his impact on economy

Germans are one of the biggest business traveller populations in Europe and are spending a vast sum of money when travelling.

37 million tourists from all around the world come to Germany every year because of the many trade fairs it hosts as well as having numerous business hub cities while many European countries just have one. The travel industry as a whole is said to contribute towards 3.9% of Germany’s gross value added – this is more than the entire country’s retail trade which contributes 3.3%.

The close business relationship between the UK and Germany is at risk for many reasons due to the implications of Brexit, including in regards to business travel.
Europe-wide, the European Commission has proposed visa-free travel for stays up to 90 days in any 180-day period following Brexit. Germany has already prepared waivers for UK workers on stays of up to 3 months, but this all may change if the UK doesn’t reciprocate.


German business travel market contribute around €82.45billion to local economies per year

Germans are the biggest users of chain fashion stores – they also are the travellers who use supermarkets the most.

Germans believe that the country must broaden its trading horizons, looking further than its existing close relationships by working with new countries, particularly China, to stimulate more business travel to the country.

Interestingly, despite Germany’s airports and roads being seen as some of the best in the world, respondents also believe that better infrastructure will help to improve the economy.

Amount spent per week on average

Finally, a quarter each see value in increasing trade relationships with the US and extending the UK business travel waiver to over three months to continue the country’s flow of business.

Germans clearly love the AutoBahn as nearly a third (30.42%) prefer to travel for business by car.

According to the German Business Travel Association, Germans travel 187.5million times for business per year – as per our findings in the first section of this report, if we assume that all of these trips lasted a week we can argue that Germans are spending an average of €439.76, 187.5million times a year. business travel germany


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