Kayak for business Enterprise solutions

KAYAK for Business Launches new Enterprise solution

KAYAK, the world’s leading travel search engine and part of Booking Holdings, announced the launch of its first corporate travel product designed for large companies. KAYAK for Business’ new Enterprise solution combines the best of KAYAK with the features that business travelers want most — no credit card or expense report required. Kayak for business Enterprise solutions

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KAYAK for Business was launched in 2020 as a free corporate travel solution designed for small and mid-size businesses, to make booking business travel as simple as booking a vacation. The brand’s first Enterprise client, along with Blockskye, partnered closely with KAYAK to co-develop a solution that not only challenged the corporate travel landscape but also met the needs of modern road warriors.

With KAYAK for Business’ Enterprise solution companies can:

  • Unlock ALL supplier fares from airlines in one place. Direct NDC connectivity with suppliers gives travelers the ability to book directly with the airlines.
  • Make changes directly with the airline using the KAYAK app. Reduce calls to corporate travel agents, with a mobile-first solution that also has 24/7 agents on call, just in case, powered by Blockskye.
  • Let employees book their travel on their favorite travel app. Employees can search for a destination, view what’s within policy, add an expense code, and book a trip – with the added bonus of doing it all on a familiar platform.
  • Eliminate expense reporting for flights. Powered by blockchain technology and through the company’s partnership with Blockskye, the KAYAK for Business Enterprise offering can facilitate direct payment between companies and participating major carriers. This innovative technology reduces overall business costs and allows travelers to walk onto a flight without ever having to submit airline expenses.
  • Empower employees to take advantage of loyalty perks. Users can see a real-time breakdown of loyalty benefits during checkout – helping employees maximize their favorite loyalty program rewards.
  • Monitor environmental impact. With sustainability becoming increasingly important for businesses, KAYAK’s Enterprise solution calculates the Co2 emissions for every flight and sends it directly to the company for simplified reporting.

KAYAK for Business’ Enterprise solution offers a comprehensive range of features that businesses can expect, such as Duty of Care, Advanced Reporting, Group Booking, Guest Booking, Unused Ticket Management, and integrations with third-party solutions such as calendar, reshopping, expense, HR, ERP, single sign-on, and more.

“With 15+ years of experience in the leisure booking space and connectivity to travel suppliers, KAYAK was an ideal platform to partner with to introduce this new way of booking business travel,” said Michael Share, Co-CEO and co-founder of Blockskye. “We’re thrilled to power the customer support and the alternative form of payments and expense for Enterprise — as we know this new way of booking business travel will transform the experience for corporate travelers.”

To learn more about KAYAK for Business visit kayak.com/business


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