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October Flight prices Are the Cheapest They’ve Been in 6 Years

Travelers will find October flight prices as low as $211 roundtrip if they’re flying within the U.S., according to a report on Tuesday from flight tracker Hopper. That is a 3.1-percent decrease from the same time period last year. October Flight prices Are the Cheapest

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“October is typically a low month for airfare, given the lower demand for travel in the period between summer and the end of year holidays,” Berg, Hopper economist, said, adding, “Increased competition in the airline industry has driven airlines to expand their fleets and drop prices in an effort to capture a larger piece of the growing demand for travel.

Berg added that the price of jet fuel, which is lower than last year’s prices, makes it a “lower cost environment” for the airline industry.

October also happens to be one of the best times to travel with dazzling fall foliage, mild weather, and fewer crowds than peak summer or holiday periods. If you’re still debating where to go, Hopper’s Consumer Airfare Index predicts that prices to destinations like Austin, Texas and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will continue to drop more than 30 percent.


October flight prices and destinations to watch on Hopper

The Hopper app predicts future flight prices with 95% accuracy. If you select the “Watch This Trip” button, Hopper will constantly monitor prices and notify you the instant you should buy.

Hopper calculated popular destinations for upcoming travel where you could save most by watching prices on Hopper. If you’re interested in visiting any of these destinations in the next few months, we recommend setting your watch on Hopper now so that you can be alerted about price drops this month.

October flight prices aren’t just great for U.S. locales, it also falls right in the middle of one of the best times to fly to Europe. Luckily, Hopper predicts that travelers looking to head to Iceland can save up to 42 percent if they watch the fares (and October just happens to be one of the best times to check out the country’s hot springs when you can still access them by road but there are far fewer crowds).

If sticky rice and hot climates are more your thing, Hopper predicts that prices to Bangkok will drop by about 40 percent for October.

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While October remains an inexpensive time to get away, prices will likely increase again around the Thanksgiving holiday and then again around spring break, so get in those vacations while you can. October Flight prices Are the Cheapest


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