Yoodo: Seamless Calls, SMS, Data in 53 Countries

With Yoodo’s Roam Like Home add-on, you can utilise your calls, SMS and data overseas as if you’re still in Malaysia. For a flat rate from RM10/day, you can utilise all of your plan’s quota without worrying about hitting the typical 500MB/day cap for roaming plans.

Previously available for selected 12 countries in Asia at RM10/day, Yoodo has finally extended its Roam Like Home service to a total of 53 countries worldwide.

After running several weeks of free beta trials, Yoodo has just introduced Roam Like Home Plus. It also provides the same perks where you can use your calls, SMS and data overseas. For these additional 41 countries, it will cost you more at RM20/day instead of RM10/day. The new countries include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and even South Africa.

You’ll have to activate the pass from the Yoodo app and it is valid for exactly 24-hours. This is easier than other conventional roaming passes which refreshes at midnight on either local or Malaysian time.

Another advantage is that Yoodo doesn’t allow any roaming usage without a pass. So, if your pass expires, your roaming access will be suspended to avoid any potential bill shocks. Do note that the bundled minutes can only be used for calls back to Malaysia. To call other countries, including the country you’re in, you’ll have to purchase an IDD add-on.

According to Yoodo’s FAQ, they are also working on introducing 3-day and 7-day passes.

Before you travel, be sure that you’ve set your APN settings correctly (yoodo, not celcom3G) and find out which is Yoodo’s roaming partner at your destination. The default telco that your phone automatically connects to might not be the right telco. If you can’t get connected, you might need to perform a manual search.

Visit Yoodo’s Roam Like Home page for more info.

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