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Cuba’s Economic Lifeline: Tourism and Foreign Investment

Cuban tourism is of the most dynamic sectors with the greatest impact on the country’s economy, committed to becoming the locomotive that drives the development of the nation, says Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, the President of the Councils of State and Ministers.

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We must recognize, he said, that we have been able to take on difficult challenges such as building a large hotel plant and opening up demanding markets in various parts of the world, but the support of the agencies in paying quality products and services to tourism has not advanced with the same rhythm, reports Juventud rebelde.

While most of the tourist facilities have Wi-Fi in the common areas, he said, the work at this time is aimed at offering the service in the rooms and other sites of the hotels.

In this regard, the owner of tourism, Manuel Marrero Cruz, commented on the timely approval of the government to import, in the shortest possible time, with the own resources of the sector, the necessary equipment that allows to install Wi-Fi in all the areas of the hotels, beginning in the first stage by those categorized with four and five stars. With that decision, he said, there could be a definite boost to the issue and a significant change in customer satisfaction.

Perdomo Di-Lella said that work is also being done to provide broadband technology to the agencies that manage tourism, facilitate the use of roaming (service that allows the visitor to use their telephone lines in Cuba) with lower prices, and cover with mobile coverage the zones of silence that still remain in various parts of the country, both in tourist areas and in their access roads.

On the subject, Diaz-Canel considered that the communications sector should be thoroughly projected with a view to the development of tourism, for which it indicated carrying out a program to, in a short time, extend the areas where the Wi-Fi service is provided in the hotels. The new facilities that are being built, he reiterated, have to incorporate this technology as part of the concept of investment. Cuban economy

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