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TIM first to launch WhatsApp customer service in Italy

Telecom Italia (TIM) said it’s the first Italian operator to launch a customer service channel via WhatsApp, initially for clients using the TIM Pay mobile banking platform. More about TIM Italy WhatsApp service find out below.


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The operator said TIM Pay customers will initially be able to use the WhatsApp Business API for assistance related to fixed and mobile TIM services, with the channel gradually extending to other services such as invoice remittance, notification of payment deadlines and many other personal communication needs.
“Innovation is at the base of all the progress of modern companies, according to a clear operating model, in which, starting from the improvement of the customer experience and customer satisfaction, the development of revenues is supported by compressing costs and achieving an increase in operating indices firm. This initiative expresses the strong determination of TIM to offer an increasingly simple and intuitive digital experience whose primary objective is the centrality of the customer. This is another key step in the transformation path traced by our DigiTIM plan “- commented Mario Di Mauro, TIM Strategy, Innovation & Customer Experience Manager.

WhatsApp, which today has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users in 180 countries worldwide, is a private, simple and reliable solution to talk to anyone in the world. For this initiative the new WhatsApp solution dedicated to large enterprises is used, WhatsApp Business API. TIM Italy WhatsApp

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