Orange Spain launches first eSim service on prepaid cards

Orange has become the first operator in Spain to offer a prepaid service via an embedded SIM card (eSIM).


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Anyone with an Apple iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max smartphone, all of which come with GSMA-standardised eSIM support, can now sign up to the newly-available Holidays prepaid service, aimed primarily at the millions of tourists that visit Spain every year.
Orange announced that it offers 40 GB in their summer promotion for the prepaid card Holidays Spain and that, until September, will give away an additional 10GB of data for each recharge equal to or higher than the monthly fee of €30.
One of the novelties is that it is offered in eSIM or Virtual SIM  format. The Orange Holidays Spain card thus becomes the first prepaid service that is marketed in Spain with virtual card, something quite interesting for people who want to keep their original number when they visit our country. 
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