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apple Orange Spain multiSIM

Orange Spain launches multiSIM service on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR

Orange Spain has announced that anyone with an iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR smartphone can now activate a multiSIM service for EUR 5. Orange Spain multiSIM


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The configuration of both the eSIM and the Dual SIM functionalities are finalized on the iPhone.
The service enables Orange customers to have two separate personal and business numbers on the same device as well as an additional line when travelling abroad via a combination of a nano SIM card and an embedded SIM (eSIM).


Characteristics: Orange Spain multiSIM

  • Receive and make calls and access the Internet from your smartwatch.
  • Use the same number on all your devices.
  • No fixed term.
  • Compatible with all tariffs (except 4G at Orange’s home).
  • Monthly fee for the first MultiSIM at  €0/month  in the Love Familia Total, Love Familia Unlimited, Love Familia Esencial 2017, Love Unlimited, Go Top, Go Up and Go Play 2017 rates.
  • Both the main line and the MultiSIM share the same rate. The consumption of data and minutes is the sum of that made with the main line and the MultiSIM.
  • 4G/4G+ compatible.
  • Now compatible with approved eSIM devices and activation via QR and with Apple Watch Cellular.
  • Contract the MultiSIM at any time in Orange stores, in 1470 for residential and 1471 for companies, and in
  • The multiSIM has a speed limitation of 1 Mbps suitable for use in smartwatches.
  • For video streaming, it is recommended to contract MultiSIM Max Velocidad which, for an additional fee of €5/month, eliminates the speed limitation


  • Calls are received simultaneously on all your devices and are made by displaying the same phone number.
  • Internet access can also be done from several devices at the same time sharing the data of the main line.
  • All lines share the same voice mailbox. Orange Spain multiSIM
  • SMS can be received and sent only from the main line.
  • All services, roaming, data and minutes that the main line has are shared.
  • NFC services are not supported on MultiSIM lines.

Monthly fee*:

  • Peninsula and Balearic Islands: €2.95
    • Canary Islands: €2.51
    • Ceuta: €2.68
    • Melilla: €2.63

Activation fee:

  • Peninsula and Balearic Islands: €5
  • Canary Islands: €4.26
  • Ceuta: €4.55
  • Melilla: €4.46

MultiSIM Max Speed ​​monthly fee:

  • Peninsula and Balearic Islands: €5
  • Canary Islands: €4.26
  • Ceuta: €4.55
  • Melilla: €4.46


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