Orange Belgium to raise prices for second time in six months

Orange Belgium announced its second price increase in less than six months, citing the sharp rise in costs. Both fixed and mobile prices will increase from 01 June, after a rise in fixed rates already in January. Mobile customers will receive bigger monthly allowances and bigger discounts for multiple subscriptions in an attempt to make up for the higher prices. Orange Belgium prices

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The Go postpaid mobile plans will rise by EUR 1-3 per month, depending on the plan, and receive 0.5-10 GB more each month. Customers taking more than one Go Intense or Go Extreme subscription, or combining fixed and mobile services, will receive a bigger discount, at EUR 1 more per month off the mobile price.

In addition, Orange will start charging for MMS from June, at EUR 0.24 per message, and raise the cost of international calls outside the EU. Calls to zone 2 countries will increase to EUR 2.10 per minute from EUR 1.80, and calls to zones 3 to 6 will be EUR 2.50 per minute, up from EUR 2.10. For roaming, data in zone 2 will double in price, to EUR 12 per MB. Prepaid customers will also see changes in the cost of bundles, which will go from EUR 6 for 1 GB to EUR 20 for 15 GB.

Postpaid mobile prices

 Subscription  Old data volume  New data volume  Difference  Old price p/m  New price p/m  Difference
 Go Light  1.5 GB  2 GB  + 0,5 GB  EUR 10.00  EUR 11.00  + EUR 1.00
 Go Plus  10 GB  11 GB  + 1 GB  EUR 20.00  EUR 21.00  + EUR 1.00
 Go Intense  15 GB  17 GB  + 2 GB  EUR 30.00  EUR 32.00  + EUR 2.00
 Go Extreme  60 GB  70 GB  + 10 GB  EUR 40.00  EUR 43.00  + EUR 3.00
 Go Extreme Special Edition  60 GB  70 GB  + 10 GB  EUR 30.00  EUR 33.00  + EUR 3.00

Fixed prices Orange Belgium prices

Fixed prices will also increase from June. The TV subscription costs EUR 1 more at EUR 17 per month, and fixed telephony is EUR 2 more at EUR 12 per month. The mobile router offer, Home Flybox rises by EUR 2 per month, to EUR 17 for 15GB and EUR 22 for 150GB.

Customers who don’t accept the higher prices may cancel with no penalty with one month’s notice. Orange Belgium prices


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