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netflix poland

Netflix Poland is testing cheaper subscriptions

Netflix begins testing completely new plans in Poland. News is from today, but the full implementation of the news will take several days. netflix poland

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So far, three subscription options have been available, and from today new users will see as many as five. Mobile and Mobile + join the Basic, Standard and Premium plans, which will allow you to watch content on smartphones and tablets. Netflix intends to check whether such a solution will be adopted in Poland.

Plan Mobile is becoming the cheapest subscription offered by Netflix. The plan includes one mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and will allow viewing content in SD quality. We will pay PLN 24 a month for this.

The Mobile + plan is more extensive. In his case, we can use two devices at the same time, but they can be not only mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), but also computers (desktop and laptops), and the material can be played in Full HD. This subscription will cost PLN 38 a month.

Other plans remain unchanged. netflix poland

Netflix does not change existing plans. As a reminder, these are:

  • Basic Plan – any device, materials in SD quality, price PLN 34 / month,
  • Standard Plan – any two devices at the same time, materials in Full HD quality, price PLN 43 / month,
  • Premium Plan – any four devices simultaneously, materials in Ultra HD quality, price PLN 52 / month

The new Mobile plan is therefore the cheapest of the whole rate, and the Mobile + plan is about PLN 5 / month. cheaper than the Standard plan ensuring analogous quality.

Mobile Plans are a nod to people who watch movies and series mainly on mobile devices.

In the Mobile Plan, movies and series can only be watched on a smartphone and tablet in Netfliks mobile applications. The more expensive Mobile + plan includes laptops and desktops, and allows you to watch materials on two screens at the same time.

It should be emphasized that both mobile plans do not officially allow you to watch Netflix materials on TV. According to Netflix, some of the tricks of streaming content to the TV, e.g. using Chromecast, will not work in their case.

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