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LG Uplus unlimited roaming

LG Uplus launches Korea’s First Unlimited Roaming Data use in 37 countries

LG Uplus announced on that it will release the “Unlimited Data” overseas roaming rate plan which allows unlimited mobile data use in 37 countries including China, Japan, and the U.S. at the price of 12.29 dollars per day. LG Uplus unlimited roaming

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There are no speed limits and no data sharing restrictions. This is the first overseas roaming product that does not have data capacity and speed limit (QoS).

Although there has been an unlimited data roaming plan offered in the past, the speed limit was 200~300 Kbps.

The biggest feature is unlimited tethering, which allows users to use their mobile phone data with their family and friends, reducing the total data charges.

In the past, if a family of four traveled abroad, each one of them had to join the roaming system, but now, only one person needs to join. LG Uplus specified that a family trip of 4 people can save up to 28.67 dollars per day compared to existing roaming services.

This is advantageous for those people who use a lot of mobile data when they are abroad but it has the disadvantage of not allowing basic phone calls. Data usage and tethering convenience will determine the difference.

LG Uplus will conduct pilot testing until September, and if there are no issues, it will be released as a regular rate plan.

LG Uplus will also increase the “Easy-to-use data pack pricing system” benefits starting from the 1st of next month. It will maintain the prices equal while increasing data up to 30 percent.

Roaming plans will be reorganized around data. We expect that profitability will naturally improve as data usage increases,” said Kim Si-young, director of overseas services at LG Uplus.

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