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Hospitality – how to get a greater visibility and simplicity to telecom expense management processes

Managing expenses in the hospitality industry is a difficult job that gets even tougher every year

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The hospitality and restaurant industries are especially challenged to manage telecommunications costs because of factors such as varied billing formats, complex market offerings, and the technical expertise needed to manage these expenses.

Many businesses in these industries have turned to telecom expense management (TEM) providers to help control and reduce costs, gain visibility into key communications processes, and better manage and secure their mobile workforce.

Alertify Solutions For Retail & Hospitality


Telecom Expense Management

Our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) program deliver significant cost savings, as well as unparalleled visibility and corporate governance.

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TEM Billing Audit

Telecom services are a very high line item expense for most businesses and nearly 80 percent of bills contain errors.

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Real Time Data Usage Monitoring

Opposite of TEM service and auditing services that already happen, we can offer you and real time data usage monitoring.

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