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Gemalto reaches 100 eSIM solutions deployed worldwide

Gemalto has been at the forefront of eSIM technology, developing solutions that are secure, scalable, and interoperable. With the 100-deployment milestone, Gemalto’s goal of “eSIM around the world” is becoming a reality. Millions of consumers can now seamlessly provision and activate mobile subscriptions and connect devices anytime, anywhere. gemalto esim solutions

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The 100 Gemalto eSIM platforms have been delivered to mobile operators, operator alliances, MVNOs, car manufacturers and OEMs across all continents.

The company believes that cellular connectivity is crucial to building the IoT for both consumer and M2M markets, and this IoT market will exponentially increase the number of mobile connections.

eSIM solutions enable digitized subscription activation and mobile ID verification, simplifying the user journey and easing workloads for operators and OEMs. Handsets and other devices can also be redesigned as eSIMs require a smaller footprint than traditional SIMs and they improve water resistance and extend battery life.

Gemalto’s eSIM technology has a number of benefits, including greater flexibility and convenience for users, lower costs for mobile network operators, and increased security and reliability for both parties. eSIM technology is also more environmentally friendly than traditional SIM cards, as it reduces the need for physical materials and shipping.

“We are thrilled to be writing this new chapter in our company history and for the IoT market,” said Frédéric Vasnier, executive vice president, Mobile Services and IoT at Gemalto. “More than 900 million eSIM-compliant devices are expected to be shipped yearly by 2022. gemalto esim solutions



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