Easy Ride: Swiss railway operator SBB to roll out mobile ticketing

Do you travel by public transport every day? Or would you like to be free to just hop on a train – maybe without even knowing exactly where you’re going or what ticket you need? With EasyRide, you can do exactly that

SBB has been offering its customers an easy way to travel on public transport in their SBB Preview app since October, without having to buy a ticket at the ticket office, counter or online. After the first four months of a market test, SBB has a positive track record: around 15,000 people are currently participating in the market test, of which around 6,000 are active EasyRide users, who book an average of 18,000 trips per month. The definitive introduction of “EasyRide” on SBB Mobile is scheduled for next year.

With the SBB Preview App, customers can check in with the “EasyRide” function when they start their journey and check them out at any location. “EasyRide function” recognizes the distance traveled and automatically books the appropriate ticket, and always at the fairest price. If, for example, the value of the route traveled exceeds the price of a day ticket in one day, the customer will subsequently be charged the cheaper price of the day ticket.

Last October, SBB and its technology partner Fairtiq launched the national market test “EasyRide” for automatic ticketing. During the market test, which will run until the end of 2019, SBB intends to gain experience in terms of customer acceptance and demand through the SBB Preview App. At SBB Preview, SBB is testing new functions with the aim of making them more professional and ready for the market before this new function – for example EasyRide – is made available to the broad target audience of the SBB Mobile App.

“EasyRide” is aimed at customers who do not have a GA and want to travel conveniently and easily in public transport. In order to be able to use EasyRide, customers must have a SwissPass login and deposit a form of payment in SBB Preview so that they can settle the trips they have made. The feature is available via SBB Preview App for IOS and Android in four languages. 

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