EMnify and 1NCE Disrupt the Global IoT Connectivity Market

EMnify ’s cloud-native mobile core supports 1NCE, the world’s first IoT carrier offering a flat rate for low bandwidth IoT applications. 1NCE has announced in February that it has sold more than one million SIM cards since its market launch 5 months ago.

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One element that makes 1NCE’s go-to-market strategy viable and successful is the cooperation with EMnify. EMnify’s technology in conjunction with 1NCE’s own network capabilities and access offerings deliver cutting-edge customer experience with simple & affordable pricing, redefining everything enterprises have traditionally come to expect from IoT carriers.

Connectivity has been a rather complicated and confusing aspect of the IoT value chain in the past,” Alexander P. Sator, CEO of 1NCE explains. “Everybody takes it for granted, but with the growing sophistication of enterprise IoT use cases, connectivity costs, complexity, and risk can rise thus stalling IoT deployments. Therefore, we set out to provide something radically simpler in this space. We signed with EMnify during Mobile World Congress 2018 and only six months later, in August 2018, we were ready to commercially launch our disruptive offer.”

EMnify’s unique and scalable technology enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to deliver cellular IoT connectivity as a cloud-native service. Frank Stoecker, EMnify’s CEO, elaborates: “EMnify has been the first company to offer a cloud-native full-stack mobile core for NB-IoT connectivity with 2G, 3G, and 4G access as a fallback. Since the EMnify infrastructure components have been developed for the cloud, the service is always operational and scalable, offering the highest level of security and availability. Enabling the dramatic growth of 1NCE is a proof for the viability of our groundbreaking technology.”

With EMnify as our partner, 1NCE is able to offer customers a seamless connectivity experience across a wide range of access technologies and standards, so we can stimulate the development of new business models with rapid time to market at commercially attractive price points,” says Alexander P. Sator.


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