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Deutsche Telekom announce inflight internet for €0.99

Airline fleet size is expected to double by 2035, with strong and resilient passenger growth of about 4.5%, and approximately 42.7 million in-flight users by 2020.  At the same time, more than 60% of airline passengers feel that being online while flying is a necessity, not a luxury.

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Deutsche Telekom offers travelers with inflight wireless access to domestic, European and intercontinental flights. Now the prices have been significantly reduced. Deutsche Telekom inflight

So far, customers had to pay a fairly high price of 1.49 euros for 10 minutes of Internet on board. However, this should change now and Telekom has reduced prices by 33 percent to 0.99 euros per 10 minutes.

This is billed to Telekom customers on the monthly bill, all others have the opportunity to buy in-flight on the aircraft portal and pay via credit card.

The action is initially limited to a test period of six months. You can use Telekom Inflight for intra-European connections on more than 220 aircraft of the Lufthansa Group. In addition, Deutsche Telekom also offers the service on intercontinental flights in more than 300 Air France, German Lufthansa, China Airlines, Japan Airlines and many more. Deutsche Telekom inflight

Deutsche Telekom has successfully been working with the commercial airline industry to expand and streamline inflight connectivity services. They have partnered with carriers such as Lufthansa and most recently Cathay Pacific to provide harmonized inflight connectivity solutions that are seamless and easy for passengers to use – right from the start of their journey until they arrive at their destination.

One of these services is a portal deutsche Telekom have created for their airline partners that provides a streamlined passenger experience, taking the guesswork out of going online – independent of the particular connectivity provider on board.

Harmonizing the connectivity experience is beneficial to both travelers and airlines. It enables loyalty benefits associated with the airline’s connectivity offering.


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