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4411 Enables On-Street Parking via My Proximus App

Thanks to this extension, Proximus customers no longer need to worry about carrying around change or about a parking ticket that’s about to run out. 4411 proximus

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They can now manage their parking sessions completely digitally and contactlessly via the MyProximus app, without having to go to the parking meter or having to download another app.

The on-street parking service via 4411 is active in more than 75 Belgian towns and cities. In the Netherlands, too, Proximus customers can use the 4411 services in many places to pay for their parking sessions. Users pay only for their effective parking time and can remotely start or end their parking session at any time.

Furthermore, the integrated map function in the MyProximus app gives them an interactive overview with information on available parking meters, saving the walk to a pay station. Payment is simply made via the Proximus bill, although customers can also choose to pay by bank card or credit card.

4411 was created in 2006 as a provider of mobile payments for parking services and mobility solutions, and today it has over 2.9 million registered users in Belgium. It offers its users a worry-free, digital parking experience by making it possible for them to pay for their parking via text message or a mobile app. At the same time, it helps towns, cities, and parking companies to simplify their mobility policies and reach more users. 4411 proximus


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