Xplornet Announces Unlimited Data for Satellite Internet

Unlimited data at an affordable price is now available in rural Canada

Xplornet Communications Inc. unveiled its plan to offer affordable, unlimited data plans for its satellite Internet customers in rural Canada. The new DataXtend unlimited data plans are available today to current and new satellite customers in every province on Xplornet’s satellite broadband network.

Earlier this year, Xplornet announced unlimited data plans across its national 4G fixed wireless broadband network. Now, with the introduction of the DataXtend plans on its satellite broadband network, virtually all of rural Canada has access to affordable, unlimited data at various download speeds. Today’s announcement is the result of unprecedented infrastructure investments in Xplornet‘s network to allow it to offer more services to its customers.

Rural Canadians have been clear: they want access to high-speed Internet at affordable prices without overage charges, regardless of where they choose to live, work or play” said Allison Lenehan , President and CEO of Xplornet.  “We are delighted to announce, starting today, rural Canadians can choose the Internet plan that fits their lifestyle, with fast speeds, affordable pricing – and now unlimited data.”

Xplornet satellite Internet plans

The new DataXtend satellite Internet plans are available at all speed levels. This offers customers the flexibility to choose the rate plan that suits their household. Xplornet‘s new unlimited data satellite plans are designed to let you keep streaming video all month long at speeds up to 4x faster than other national carriers, all at affordable prices starting from $99.99 per month. For a limited time, promotional discounts are available to give new customers the opportunity to try our fastest service at the same promotional rate as our entry level plans. And yes, our new DataXtend unlimited data plans are available to our current satellite customers.

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