Xiaomi is the leading 5G Android smartphone vendor in Q2 in the world

China’s Xiaomi is the world’s leading 5G Android smartphone vendor in Q2 2021, according to the latest research from Strategy Analytics.

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The total number of 5G Android smartphones shipped globally in Q2 2021 was 95 million.

Xiaomi shipped 24 million 5G smartphones in Q2, capturing 26 percent share. Chipset major Qualcomm is powering most of the 5G smartphones from Xiaomi.

Over the past nine quarters Xiaomi has cumulatively shipped 70 million 5G smartphones. Samsung has shipped 77 million 5G smartphones over the previous 10 quarters. Samsung shipped the world’s first 5G smartphones, beginning in Q1 2019. Samsung’s main markets were South Korea and United States in the initial part of the launch.

China’s Huawei, which lost share later, remains the cumulative 5G smartphone leader among Android OS phone makers. Huawei has shipped 95 million 5G smartphones worldwide over the past nine quarters but has recently seen its shipment volumes collapse under the weight of a US imposed 5G tech ban.

Chinese vendors such as Lenovo-Motorola, Realme, OPPO, and Honor are grabbing 5G smartphone share from Huawei.

Realme shipped 5.6 million 5G smartphones. Lenovo-Motorola shipped 1.8 million 5G smartphones in the quarter.

Honor has cumulatively shipped 6.5 million 5G smartphones in two quarters.

5G Sales are Poised to Pass 4G 5G Android smartphone

Global handset shipments have returned to growth in 2021.  LTE (4G) is the dominant air-interface technology, though GSM (2G) continues to show strength in various markets around the globe, reflecting the ongoing need for reliable and affordable feature phone-based cellular service.  3G is in steady, and terminal, decline – it is essentially a zombie technology (as a standalone handset tech) and will effectively be dead soon.  5G is steadily gathering steam and 5G smartphones will very soon outsell LTE ones, even if consumer-focused 5G use cases (the next killer app) haven’t really been identified yet.

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