Xiaomi & CMB Launch Student-Focused Credit Card

On August 6th, Xiaomi MIUI official microblog released a message: “Only the future will not be visible; there will be a visible future. Xiaomi CMB’s joint credit card officially opens applications (students can apply); let you meet yourself better! Textured black hole design, card-free annual fee, value-added millet card-opening ceremony, massive credit card rights, eating, drinking, and playing… now better, more exciting.”

This is the joint credit card jointly launched by Xiaomi and China Merchants Bank. In the card design, China Merchants Bank credit card built the Xiaomi joint card around the brand of Xiaomi “Black Technology”, the texture card face is matched with the mysterious black hole design, and the shadow black core The card base is equipped with colorful reliefs to create a sci-fi atmosphere.

China Merchants Bank Xiaomi Credit Card provides users with exclusive benefits. There will also be Mi Pay double points, and users can enjoy the double points privilege through Mi Pay or Xiaomi wallet. In the annual fee, the personal version is free of annual fees for the first year, and there is no additional condition for the annual fee during the validity period of the campus version.

In addition to enjoying the exclusive rights of Xiaomi, Xiaomi CMB’s joint credit card is also included in the income of the China Merchants Bank CreditCard, including the favorite 50% discount on food, the free redemption of Starbucks, and the 9 yuan movie ticket privilege.

Xiaomi has likely teamed up with multiple companies for additional benefits. These include Starbucks, a Sky e-city gift card for Guangfa Mall, meal tickets, travel and hotel concessions, and more. Interested users can easily apply to get the card from the Xiaomi Wallet app. Non-Xiaomi users can head to the “Welfare center” on the Wallet platform and find the application for the card.


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