vodafone ukraine roaming promo

Vodafone Ukraine expands roaming promo to Germany and Czech Republic

Vodafone has expanded its assistance to customers who are forced to seek protection abroad. In addition to Poland, Moldova, Hungary and Romania, free connection to the “Available Roaming ” service is now also possible in Germany and the Czech Republic. vodafone ukraine roaming promo

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Customers in these countries will receive free from Vodafone 400 MB of mobile Internet and 60 minutes for incoming or outgoing calls to Ukraine and to the numbers of these countries.

When a customer uses this package, they can purchase the following service connections for UAH 100.

You can connect the service in the My Vodafone application.

More about the service and the possibility of its connection – on the Vodafone website.

Ukrainian mobile operators launch national roaming vodafone ukraine roaming promo

Operators Vodafone, Kievstar, lifecell together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the National Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine and the National Commission implementing state regulation in the fields of electronic communication this, radio frequency spectrum and the provision of postal services are launched testing national roaming in Ukraine. Now in case your operator network is not available, you can switch to other operators network.
How to connect to the network of another operator. All items are mandatory:
1️⃣ Turn off the car selection network
on Android: Setup – Mobile Network (or Connectivity) – Operator
on iOS: Parameters – Desktop Data – Network Choice
2️⃣ Find and choose an accessible network: Vodafone UA , UA -KYIVSTAR or LIFECELL
3️⃣ If you failed to sign up, try again or choose another network
4️⃣ Check out the possibility of a day off call, text
Important: try to get back (connect) to your operator’s network once a day. On hand or on car selection network.
The tariff is kept according to the tariff plan of your operator. Please note that connecting national roaming provides a significant burden on the operators network. Thus, this may affect the quality of work of some services. We apologize for any inconvenience.
First of all the nacrouming will be connected in the war zone (Kharkiv, Kherson, Sumy, Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhka, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kirovograd, Mykolaiv region), then in Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Cherkasy and Vinnytsia regions and later throughout Ukraine. vodafone ukraine roaming promo

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