Vodafone Germany Giga AR Fitness app

Vodafone Germany offers Giga AR Fitness app with Gymondo

Vodafone Germany is launching its own fitness app with augmented reality support – in cooperation with Gymondo. The result is called Giga AR Fitness. You get instructions from the singer Vanessa Mai, who works here as the 3D coach “MyNessa”. Smart glasses from Nreal are also recommended for training. Vodafone Germany Giga AR Fitness app

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When fitness meets the latest technology, every workout becomes a sure-fire success. Vodafone and online fitness provider Gymondo are launching a new augmented reality fitness app on the German market and on Nreal’s light smart glasses. The highlight: singer Vanessa Mai guides you through the exercises as an avatar in the virtual world and turns the workout into a sports experience in your own home.

Augmented and Virtual Reality – two promising future technologies that enable new applications and create completely new markets. We want to be there right from the start so that our customers benefit from this as soon as possible,” says Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter.

Together with Gymondo, we are already launching the second augmented reality app today and making our customers fitter and healthier: With the support of Vanessa Mai, we are expanding the online fitness experience and bringing our customers into an innovative, virtual 3D sports world.”

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“Training today is varied, flexible, individual, online and now also virtual. As the market leader in online fitness, we are delighted to have found such a large and strong partner in Vodafone, who shares our mission. Vodafone’s Giga AR Fitness app offers fitness in an expanded dimension. For us, this is the starting signal to create an entire content world and to make the user experience even more virtual,” says Markan Karajica, Gymondo Managing Director.

The latest technology for the ultimate sports experience with hand tracking

With Giga AR Fitness, users can now experience fitness classes in 3D. Augmented Reality, the Giga AR fitness app from Vodafone and the Gymondo fitness experts who developed the new workout make it possible. You can concentrate completely on the training and go into a new virtual world of your own. The courses are accompanied by singer Vanessa Mai as a 3D avatar and supplemented by video instructions. In addition, you can also interact directly and prove yourself in mini-challenges. The 4-week augmented reality training course and the mini-challenges keep you fit and are fun from the very first minute. In the course you go through new training units week after week. In the field of view you have everything in view, e.g. B. Instructions or your own training progress. The overlays or the 3D avatar can be positioned anywhere in the room. The connection to the network works via the home WLAN and the 5G mobile network.

The package for the AR experience Vodafone Germany Giga AR Fitness app

For the best experience, Vodafone recommends the Nreal smart glasses together with the OPPO Find X3 Pro smartphone. For the launch, Vodafone Germany is offering the Nreal Light in a bundle with the OPPO Find X3 Pro smartphone, including the Giga AR Fitness application, for as little as 99 euros per month in selected RED tariffs. The bundle can now be ordered via all channels.

Strong partners for a new type of sports experience

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, home workouts and online fitness courses are becoming increasingly popular.  Alternative offers to fitness studios that have been closed for long periods of time are increasingly in demand. Flexibility is crucial here. Since the beginning of the year, Vodafone customers have been able to make good resolutions from home and on the go. The general Gymondo online offer has since been available on all common devices, whether smartphone, web, tablet or smart TV. Vodafone provides the online connection and Gymondo provides exciting content on the subject of fitness. Vodafone customers can add Gymondo to any existing mobile phone contract and conveniently pay by invoice. The offer is free for the first six weeks and is then charged at €8.99 per month.


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