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Vodafone Greece includes calls to Georgia in prepaid packages

Vodafone Greece said it made changes to three packages that include calls to Georgia and MB for internet, effective from 4 March. More about Vodafone Greece’s latest Georgia roaming offer is below.  vodafone greece georgia roaming
The packages are available to Tazamobile and Vodafone International prepaid subscribers.

Daily Data Roaming Packages vodafone greece georgia roaming

What it offers you:

SIM card e SIM shop

50 MB to :

you surf free
you send email
you have access to social networking sites
you download maps
you find information according to your interests & anything else you need from the Internet on your mobile.

What you pay:

€5.04/24 hours* in Zone 2 (Europe outside the EU)
€15.12/24 hours* in Zones 3 & 4 (Rest of the World)
The charge after the end of 50MB is €1.03/MB in all Zones.

* 24 hours from 4:00 am Greek time zone


  • The prices do not include the mobile tax of 10%. Tax exemption applies to beneficiaries, after successful registration in Gov.gr. Mobile tax is calculated as a percentage of the total monthly bill before VAT without extra charges or additional services. All prices include 24% VAT.
  • For daily use up to 1MB, the fee is €0.00494/10KB in Europe-outside the EU- and €0.00978/10KB in the rest of the world. As long as the usage exceeds 1MB and for usage up to 50MB, the subscriber is charged €5.04 regardless if he consumes all 50MB. vodafone greece georgia roaming

Activation vodafone greece georgia roaming

You can activate the package by calling 13830 or 1399 for corporate customers.

Vodafone Greece users are informed in real-time about data consumption abroad

When you are abroad, Vodafone sends you informative SMS about your MB consumption from Internet/email use:

  • at 80% of the volume of your program or at €49.2/month of your bill
  • at 100% of the volume of your program or at €61.5/month of your bill
  • at €80/month of the bill
  • at €100/month of the account
  • at €1,500/month of the account
  • at €4,000/month of the account and 
  • at €5,000/month of the account.
If you wish to continue using the Internet while roaming, you must send the corresponding confirmation message, with the word ” GO ” to 80% & 100% (or €49.2 & €61.5 respectively) or the word “ YES ” to €100 and €5000 to the shortcode 1230 (free of charge), otherwise, the service is temporarily suspended. In this case, the service can be activated again either by your request to continue using data or by the start of the new billing month.


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