Vodafone Czechia now within reach of seven million Czechs or 70% of the population

Vodafone’s state-of-the-art 5G mobile network already has 70% of the Czech population within reach, which is clearly the widest coverage among Czech operators. That is why Vodafone is improving the offer of its tariffs. For both mobile and fixed connections, you can now get the benefits forever, that is, use high speed connections at home and abroad. The bonus totals 500 crowns per month. The offer also includes a wide range of 5G phones with a discount of up to 8,000 crowns. Vodafone Czechia 5G

Vodafone customers will receive the best that today’s mobile world allows for less than a thousand crowns a month. This is the Unlimited Premium 5G tariff , which includes unlimited calls, SMS, data volume and their unlimited speed. As well as 1000 minutes of international calls and roaming in the EU included. At the same time, the tariff brings more and more as the fastest 5G mobile network grows in the Czech Republic. In practice, however, it will of course also work in an older network. When combined with fixed internet, it costs 999 crowns instead of 1199 crowns per month. Vodafone Czechia 5G

Important news concerns the Unlimited Super tariff . The tariff for the current 799 crowns can now be obtained with an advantage of 200 crowns forever. That is, for 599 crowns a month, when purchased together with the fixed Internet. In addition, it includes the Maximum Acceleration service, thanks to which the customer will now get the maximum possible mobile connection speed for 24 hours a total of 5 days a month, depending on the capabilities of their phone and available coverage. It can be easily activated for the selected day in the online self-service or the My Vodafone application and thus enjoy the 5G connection to the full.

“Motivated to engage everyone in the digital society, we have already significantly expanded our state-of-the-art 5G mobile network, which offers the widest coverage compared to any other service provider in the Czech Republic. The 5G network has a significantly higher capacity and offers an increase in data transfer rate with a much lower response time. It will take your online experience a few steps higher – whether it’s uploading or downloading large documents, premium quality video calls or playing games with the necessary quick response, ” says Zohar Weitz, Vodafone’s Vice President of Corporate Customers.

1 Gb / s with the advantage of 300 crowns forever

Better prices for mobile are linked to the combined offer, regardless of the speed of the fixed internet. However, he also has an attractive novelty in the game: the speed of 1 Gb / s with the advantage of CZK 300 forever. That means for the price of CZK 599 per month plus modem rental (for a hundred crowns).

The permanent advantage of 300 crowns also applies to the speed of 500 Mb / s, which thus costs CZK 559 per month plus a modem (70 crowns). Whoever buys the Unlimited Super voice tariff in the combined offer with fixed internet can save 200 crowns in the mobile part and 300 crowns in the fixed internet, a total of 500 crowns per month forever.

Further advances in 5G and used frequencies Vodafone Czechia 5G

Vodafone was the first in the Czech Republic to switch off the old 3G network last year, and thanks to these freed-up frequencies, the company is now a clear leader in covering the most modern 5G mobile network in the country. The signal is already available to 70% of the population across the country – from Aš through Prague or Litomyšl and Brno to Český Těšín and Třinec. That is more than 7 million people.

“We are massively modernizing the mobile network and implementing 5G nationwide, not only in selected regions. In total, we have the entire 157 MHz band ready for the 5G and LTE data network and we are building a high-capacity network. Among other things, we are using a separate band for 5G at a frequency of 3500 MHz and this month we will start using the 700 MHz band. We are trying to expand 5G as much and as quickly as possible throughout the Czech Republic, “ says Slavomír Slanina, Vodafone’s Network Development Director.

And he adds a simple example: “Let’s imagine the area around us as a highway, where a small part is intended for mobile data transmission. Only thanks to the transition from 4G to 5G technology, this highway lane immediately has at least twice the capacity, so people can comfortably transfer more data. Or you can just connect more than one device at a time. ”

It is not possible without 5G phones, but they are already affordable

An important condition for the use of the 5G network are the necessary phones, which can also be obtained within the new offer at a discounted price, specifically with a discount of 5,000 crowns, for the Samsung Galaxy S22 model even with a discount of 8,000 crowns.

The cheapest 5G phone costs 5001 crowns, so you can buy it for as little as 1 crown with a discount of 5,000. In addition, loyal customers have a total of 15 phones for 1 crown and the rest in installments. You are flexible and a wide selection of 5G phones is so easily available. If someone is unlucky and you break the phone’s display in the first three months after the purchase, Vodafone will replace their screen for free. Vodafone Czechia 5G

Permanent benefits for corporate customers Vodafone Czechia 5G

News is also waiting for corporate customers. Many of them have become accustomed to the fact that they can have their office anywhere thanks to their mobile connection, especially the 5G internet will ensure the conditions even for data-intensive work on a laptop.

From today, corporate customers can use the Unlimited Business Super tariff for a maximum of 10 days per month, always selected 24 hours. With a combination of a mobile tariff and high-speed fixed internet of 500 Mb / s or 1 Gb / s, they can save more than 500 crowns, permanently.

In addition, the corporate customer will receive a number of other benefits: the CyberWall application for phone security, 300 minutes of international calls and above-standard customer care.  Vodafone Czechia 5G


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