Vivo opens up eSim to business customers

Brazilian operator Vivo announced that all corporate customers of Vivo Empresas mobile lines will be able to change their Sim card to an eSim. The migration is optional and can be performed through the portal Meu Vivo Empresas.

As of today, 23, all corporate customers of Vivo Empresas mobile lines will be able to switch from SIMcard to e-SIM. The SIMcard is the cellular chip that is placed inside the smartphone by the user to use the operator’s network. The eSIM, on the other hand, is a component built into the cell phone board, which cannot be removed. On the other hand, activation is all virtual, via software. Migration is optional and must be done through the Meu Vivo Empresas website.

According to the operator, eSIM is more secure. As it is not removable, it makes unauthorized handling impossible and, in the event of theft, the mobile connection can be easily and quickly transferred to a new device, freeing up the immediate use of the line in another compatible device.

The new technology also speeds up the activation and use of the device and allows the use of more than one line on the same smartphone. For new customers, the process does not change and the eSIM will be started after contracting the line and activating it by Meu Vivo Empresas.

“The long-term concept is to create an eSIM standard in the industry as a whole, bringing cost savings, greater security to consumers and convenience when it comes to portability”, explains the Marketing Director of Vivo Empresas, Gabriel Domingos.

Vivo has been offering eSIM support to Anatel-approved devices since 2018. In addition to the company’s mobile customers (B2C and now B2B), Vivo has recently advanced with eSIM in the machine-to-machine (M2M) segment ) facilitating the connectivity of “things” from the production line.

Not every cell phone, however, has the eSIM on board. The list of compatible devices, approved by Anatel, is as follows:

Devices available for migration

ManufacturerCommercial name
appleiPhone XR
appleiPhone XS
appleiPhone XS Max
appleiPhone 11
appleiPhone 11 Pro
appleiPhone 11 Pro Max
appleiPhone SE (2nd ger)
appleiPhone 12 family
SamsungGalaxy S20
SamsungGalaxy S20+
SamsungGalaxy S20 Ultra
SamsungGalaxy S21 family
SamsungGalaxy Fold
SamsungGalaxy Z Flip
SamsungGalaxy Z Fold 2
SamsungGalaxy Note 20
SamsungGalaxy Note 20 Ultra

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