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US mobile operators offer free calls to Turkey and Syria

In response to the most devastating earthquake to strike Turkey in 100 years, Verizon is making it easier for customers in the United States to communicate with loved ones overseas who’ve been impacted by this disaster. verizon free 

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From February 6 through 12, Verizon will waive international long-distance charges for calls from its consumer and business customers to Turkey. Verizon will also waive international roaming and data charges for customers traveling in Turkey during this period.

Beginning Monday, February 6, all calls made from Verizon consumer or business wireless phones to Turkey will be rated at $0.00 per minute. Additionally, customers with international coverage plans can call Turkey without using any minutes from their time-allotment blocks. Verizon will also waive international roaming charges for customers traveling within Turkey during this period. For Verizon prepaid and TracFone customers, the company also waives international long-distance charges on calls to Turkey.


Starting today, February 6 through February 12, 2023, T-Mobile is waiving international long-distance and SMS texts to and from Turkey and the U.S and to Syria for T-Mobile, and Sprint postpaid consumer and business customers, T-Mobile Prepaid, Metro by T-Mobile and Assurance Wireless customers.

T-mobile will also waive international roaming, data and calls between Turkey and the U.S for T-Mobile and Sprint postpaid customers and prepaid. As a reminder, customers with Simple Global have free unlimited data in Turkey.

A series of tweets by AFAD, Turkey’s Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, urged citizens to avoid making calls except in vital situations

In the event of a natural disaster, it is common for panicked survivors to attempt to contact loved ones and let them know they are safe. Phone communications are also a useful way of helping locate the missing and mobilizing relief efforts. And yet Turkish authorities advising residents against making them. Here are 3 reasons why making phone calls during an earthquake may not be the best idea:

1. Texts are the more practical option

In the wake of a natural disaster, floods of calls from panicked survivors are likely to overwhelm phone lines, meaning a phone call is more likely to experience network congestion. Sending a text is therefore a more practical option, as it has a better chance of getting through.

2. Public safety verizon free

Too many calls can overload the communications grid and jam phone lines, making it harder for first responders to get to the injured, or those trapped, as quickly as possible. Non-urgent communications will disrupt life-saving phone calls from coming through, meaning that limiting calls unless they are absolutely necessary will help the safety of those around you.

3. Saving battery

Calls use more power than texts; if you are running low on power in the event of a natural disaster, you’ll want to save battery for when you need it the most.

What are the other options?

Aside from texting, there are also other options available to people looking to contact loved ones and let them know they’re safe. AKUT, Turkey’s primary search and rescue organization, has developed an app that will allow people to text others with their whereabouts and situation, known as Güvendeyim (I’m safe). verizon free

How to donate to Turkey and Syria earthquake victims? verizon free

Two powerful earthquakes have struck in south-eastern Türkiye and northern Syria. Thousands of people are confirmed dead across Türkiye and Syria, with numbers expected to rise. Amongst those affected inside Syria are Syrians who are still displaced in their own country and living in flimsy shelters, tents and partially destroyed buildings. In Türkiye, the impact also includes thousands of refugees, and the communities that have been generously hosting them for nearly 12 years.

The earthquake has destroyed people’s homes and local infrastructure—families are in urgent need of relief items and shelter. Severe winter storms are sweeping through the region—families need urgent protection from icy winds, snow, and rain.

UNHCR is on the ground with emergency items including tents, blankets, and hygiene items.

Please donate now to provide emergency relief to those affected by this devastating earthquake. 



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