Ucell launches software for tourism sector

Uzbekistan operator Ucell, in cooperation with the tourism tech firm Horizon Travel Union, has launched commercial service Ucell Travel. The new service is a complex software covering the whole operational cycle of companies working in the tourism sector.

Ucell Travel service, is operated by a licensed tour-operator, Horizon Travel Union LLC, and provides a wide set of features for online travel search and booking.

Through cooperation with reliable suppliers and partners, and the implementation of leading technological solutions with constantly updated list of integrated partners, we strive to provide our clients with best traveling options around the world.

Our aim is to ensure highest level of service for our clients and to provide all the elements needed for fast, convenient, and secure travel search and booking.

Key values ​​of Ucell Travel

We believe that genius lies in simplicity. Therefore, we strive to make our service as simple and easy as possible, so that it is convenient for our customers to interact with us.
We live in a world that is changing rapidly. Therefore, we provide our clients with the most relevant travel options at the current time.
The purpose of the Ucell Travel service is to ensure high quality service and individual approach to each client

Help on Covid-19

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