Orange Poland raises EU roaming data allowance, cuts prices

Orange Poland plans to modify the conditions of its roaming services in the EU with effect from 01 January 2022. The mobile data traffic ceiling will be raised by up to 1.79 GB. The surcharge for voice connections will drop from PLN 0.04 to PLN 0.03 per minute. The price for data after exceeding the ceiling will decline to PLN 14.36 per gigabytes.

From the new year, we are introducing favorable changes to Orange Poland roaming offer in the European Union . You are going abroad, it is worth knowing and taking advantage of it. From January 1, 2022, we are increasing the gigabyte limits in tariff plans by up to 1.79 GB and lowering the so-called additional charges for voice calls (from PLN 0.04 to PLN 0.03). The fees for each GB of data transmission will also be lower.

The price for a GB will drop to PLN 14.36. The changes apply to individual and business customers. Those of you who use the pre-paid, Orange Flex and nju offers will also be happy. Details depending on the type of service you have can be found here. Let us remind you, although you probably remember, that Great Britain has not been in the European Union for almost a year.

Brexit has moved both the UK and Gibraltar from roaming zone 1 (EU) to zone 2. This meant changes in roaming price lists to take account of the new situation. We changed them gradually, offering you promotional rules. However, from October 18, 2021, we have introduced new, favorable prices for roaming services in the UK, for those of you who, from January 1, 2021, concluded new contracts or additions to the subscription offer for individual customers.

Promotion regulations here. The pricing conditions for roaming services in Great Britain and Gibraltar for contracts concluded until December 31, 2020 remain unchanged.

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